Buy One, Gift One – Reshuffled




Order a copy of Reshuffled for yourself and gift one to Connect With a Wish for a youth currently in foster care.

The authors Tracy Gharbo and Linda Palmer, have been child advocates for a total of 14 years.  In that time, they have worked with many children in and out of foster care.  Older youth have the most difficult time finding forever homes and having their needs met in the child welfare system.  Inspired by Jelani Freeman, a former foster youth sharing his story, Tracy and Linda wanted to do more.  Jelani inspired them to write Reshuffled, stating a book turned his life around. Intended to inspire older youth in foster/kinship care, this book also informs resource providers and child welfare workers about what worked and what did not work for the youth.  The stories in this book are compelling, some unimaginable, but all filled with hope and resilience.  From true Rocket Scientists, judges, teachers, healthcare workers and more, Reshuffled will change your perspective of foster care and the youth who enter it.


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